Bible-Reading Plan

This year, like last year, we are giving out partial scholarships to our annual youth retreat March 9-11, 2018. To receive the fullest possible scholarship, up to $75 off the $125 total cost, students must complete each week’s reading and post their responses on the current week. Weeks that are missed will not be able to be made up.

Unlike last year, we are giving you the option to read through your own Bible plan or join us in reading along with the plan below. Either way, each week you should have roughly one chapter of Scripture that you have been reading and studying on a daily basis.

Towards the end of the week, but not later than Sunday night, click the button below to post your five or six sentences of thoughtful response about what you took away from the chapter.

If you missed a week don’t become discouraged, you can still receive 100% of the scholarship, just keep at it!

September 17-23  Mark 1
September 24-30  Mark 2
October 1-7  Mark 3
October 8-14  Mark 4
October 15-21  Mark 5
October 22-28  Mark 6
October 29- November 4  Mark 7
November 5-11  Mark 8
November 12-18  Mark 9
November 19-25– Mark 10
November 26-December 2  Mark 11
December 3-9  Mark 12
December 10-16  Mark 13
December 17-23  Mark 14
December 24-30  Mark 15
December 31-January 6  Mark 16
January 7-13  Ephesians 1
January 14-20  Ephesians 2
January 21-27  Ephesians 3
January 28-February 3  Ephesians 4
February 4-10  Ephesians 5

This year’s Bible Reading Plan has now ended check back next fall for information on the scholarship plan for 2019 retreat.