Learning Opportunities

When it comes to world missions, some ministry opportunities are layered with complexity and require some learning and reflection as we seek to engage them. ECC is looking into two particular issues: human trafficking and immigration. Here are ways that you can join us in that learning journey.


Are you interested in justice issues like human trafficking? Have you ever wondered how people and a country can be rebuilt after a genocide? How does injustice and extreme poverty affect a people’s ability to accept the gospel? Would you like to travel with a small group that is both learning about the issues as well as talking about solutions? If so, this might be just the trip for you. Imagine Goods has been taking trips to Cambodia for ten years, and we love to show others some of the things we’ve learned. Be prepared to talk, learn, grow, and be inspired. (And also to have a great travel adventure while we’re at it!)

Imagine Goods is a Lancaster-based social enterprise (co-founded by Aiyana Ehrman) that empowers survivors of human trafficking with employment. Because when someone has the opportunity to work, the cycle of poverty and injustice can be broken. There will be opportunities on this learning trip to engage with and serve people, but the focus will be on learning and growth…because we can’t bring the Kingdom of God to areas of injustice until we understand the injustice itself.

To learn more about this initiative, go to www.ImagineGoods.com or contact Aiyana Ehrman.
Email: Aiyana@ImagineGoods.com
Trip Dates for 2017 are July 1-9 or July 11-19

Lancaster PA, IMMERGE

Have you ever had questions about immigration? Have you found yourself wanting to reach out and share God’s love to the foreigners among us? Would you like to explore the various opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ to immigrant neighbors?

IMMERGE fosters relationships between persons interested in loving those from other nations already living among us. Lancaster has been receiving a number of these refugees.

Training is provided to help introduce people to this ministry and to help learn the cultural differences for the multiple of nationalities arriving in the United States each year. There are a number of local volunteer opportunities available.

Contact Bruce Heckman directly with your questions, interest, or availability.
Email: hbrucej@aol.com

Questions? Email eccmissionconnect@gmail.com