We Value Children and Families!

One way we express this value during our weekend services is to provide age-appropriate care and biblical teaching for all children up to grade 6.

Checking In

NOTE: Currently we have a capacity limit on all classes infant to grade 4.  We encourage early arrival to check in your children and attending a different service if you find classes are consistently full. We have a packet for any child unable to attend children's ministry.  We are not able to switch classes so if a class is full your child will be asked to remain with you in the service.

For added security we have a child check-in system in place for all children infant to 6th grade who will be attending class during the teaching part of the service.  For your first visit you will find a friendly Kingdom Kids Check-In attendant at the upper and lower level Check-In Kiosk stations. If you become a regular attender and would like to check-in at a self station you can complete a Check-In Registration Form so that we can add your family to our database. All children attending a Kingdom Kids class need to be checked in.

You will receive a tag for your child and a security tag for child pick-up (required for children grade 4 and below.)

If you choose to complete a Check-In Registration Form your mobile phone number will be used for Check-In and will be the contact number on your child's name tag.

You will have an option on the Check-In screen to change the Check-In by.  If there are two adults in a household you can use either phone number to Check-In. On the Household screen if the grade or classroom is incorrect you can go to the pencil on the screen to make the necessary change.  If you need to make a permanent change or do not see a pencil, go to the Upstairs Child Check-In or downstairs Kiosk attendant for assistance.

During the Service

The service will begin by singing songs of praise and worship to our God in the auditorium. We value families worshipping through song together, so your kids will remain with you for this portion of our worship service. 

Children will be dismissed after 30 minutes of worship, giving parents time to return to the service for testimonies, etc. For special services like Baby Dedication, Baptism, New Members etc. children will be dismissed before the preaching of the Word.

Following this time, all infant through 6thgrade children will be dismissed to their age-appropriate environments located downstairs.  Families and children will exit through the back of the auditorium to go to their designated classroom. We ask that at the end of the service that at least one adult picks up children 0–4th Grade.  You may return to the auditorium if you wish to continue in worship or prayer.  You will need the security tag provided at check-in to pick up your child.


Mothers' Room

At any time throughout the service, nursing mothers are encouraged to use our private nursing area which is equipped with rockers, changing stations, and a sink. For your convenience, we livestream the service to the nursing mothers room for you to view as you care for your little one. The Mother's Room is located at the back of the sanctuary and can be accessed through the side doors in the area between the sanctuary and main lobby.