ECC Buddies

ECC Buddies exists to share the love of Christ by assisting individuals needing special accommodations and their families to become full participants and contributors in the body of Christ. The heart of ECC Buddies is to give your child a classroom experience that fits his or her needs and to create an environment where he or she can learn about God and experience the presence of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to serve your family with excellence. While serving your child, our top priority is the safety of your child, other children, and the ECC Buddies.

What is ECC Buddies and how does it work?

ECC Buddies are volunteers from the church who are paired up with your child to help make their weekend Kingdom Kids experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. The Buddy will accompany your child in their regular classroom and assist as deemed appropriate.

Our goal each week is to integrate children and to make them as independent as possible in their classrooms. Each child is fully integrated in the Kingdom Kids classroom depending on the child's individual plan, ECC Buddy's availability, and the classroom dynamic. As the child gains independence and is successful in the classroom with their peers, ECC Buddies services will fade out when appropriate.

ECC Buddies are available each Saturday at the 6:00 p.m. service.

The ECC Buddies is made up of volunteers who are trained but are not trained professionals. ECC Buddies will implement multiple strategies to help the children be successful while in Kingdom Kids.

How do I get involved?

If you feel like ECC Buddies would be a good fit for your family fill out the Child Intake Form and return it to Welcome Center. If you want additional information please reference the ECC Buddies Parent Packet with Parental Consent. If you have any questions email Laura Taylor, Pastor of  Children’s Ministry, at or call 717-733-4071.

PLEASE NOTE in order for us to align your child with the best fit person we need to review the Child Intake Form and find a matching buddy.  Once that person has been found and availability is confirmed a team member will get back to you. You will receive confirmation that we have received the form.