Current Serving Opportunities

Cocalico school disctrict

Beginning Friday, March 18 and continuing every weekday through Friday, March 27, Cocalico School District will be distributing breakfast and lunch foods for FREE to any child under the age of 18. Drive-thru service will be offered at all 3 elementary schools from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. We are advising individuals interested in serving this cause to donate money to the Cocalico Family Fund. Donations can be earmarked for specific causes and sent to Cocalico School District Central Office (800 S. 4th St., Denver, PA 17517) or online at

Ephrata Area Social Services

Financial contributions needed. Food donations are not accepted at this time for concern for contaminated food, so food is needing to be purchased to continue supply families in need. Also, there is a need for help to sort and package food for families. If you would like to be a driver for their Meals on Wheels program, you can call 717-733-4846. 

Meals On Wheels 

A variety of volunteer opportunities from kitchen aide, to food delivery. Also take notice of their "wish-list" of products that you can supply, such as coolers, ice packs and sandwich bags. Click link for further details. 

Steven's Fire Company Facebook Page

Free "grab-and-go" lunches and dinners are available to families in need. Please follow link to Stevens Fire Co. Facebook page for details. Detailed post dated March 18. Please contact Fire Chief Chad Weaver if you would like to financially donate. 

OnFire Youth Ministry

OnFire Youth Ministry is providing meals to families in need Wednesday's. You can serve by providing food or donating financially. If interested, call 717-866-8830 and ask for Terran.